Meet Abe and Elea

About BLOCKHEAD Studio Labs

BLOCKHEAD STUDIO LABS started in 2016 as a small digital media agency in Brooklyn. We are an all-encompassing creative ball of energy, specializing in production, web, visual effects, music recording and live streaming. Each branch of BLOCKHEAD STUDIO LABS consists of proven professionals in their respective field: A team of talented producers, online marketers, editors, designers, visual effects artists and music specialists.

Simply put – we are a bunch of Artists, storytellers, and strategists who produce top quality content for agencies, direct-to-client brands, students, and filmmakers. As a team, we possess the capabilities to cover multiple angles and execute projects from start to completion. BLOCKHEAD STUDIO LABS brings out the best in each other. Our high quality of work is a direct result of the synergetic relationships amongst our staff and departments. We hope you consider giving us a chance to work together to make something amazing.

Abe Hunter

Abe Hunter is our in house Creative Director. Handling a majority of the graphic, web, video editing and VFX projects. With over 10 years experience in the marketing field for both big and small projects Abe ensures your project gets completed timely and professionally. Abe is one of the Co-Creators of BlockHead Studio Labs and a very COOL DUDE who totally didn’t write his own bio.

Elea Tsentzelis

Elea Tsentzelis is an accomplished Audio Engineer, Cinematographer, writer and producer. Elea is our chief technology officer and has over 10 years experience in videography. He has overseen hundreds of weddings and has an eye for catching memberal moments. Elea is one of the Co-Creators of BlockHead Studio Labs. He’s not as cool, but still pretty cool.